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Moving to your new home

Congratulations! You have just concluded one of the most important transactions of your life, here are some tips to help you through this step.

Six to eight weeks before the moving day

  • Make sure you have all the tools you need to pack your goods: metric ribbon, scissors, markers, old newspapers, rope, pocket knife, containers and boxes.
  • Select objects you plan to discard (furniture or clothing), and get rid of it. Choose what to sell, give or throw away.
  • Write down all your moving expenses

Two weeks before the moving day

  • Begin shopping for a moving company or renting a vehicle
  • Contact your service providers (Hydro-Québec, TV, Internet etc.) to advise them of the date of your move and your decision to cut or transfer their services to your new home
  • If you have children, start the registration process at their new schools or daycares.
  • Communicate your new address to your creditors, government departments and all your correspondents
  • If necessary, ask to have your mail forwarded automatically to your new address
  • Shop for a new home insurance

The big day

  • Prepare all necessary tools to dismantle furniture
  • Carry all your valuables in person (jewelry, personal items, photos, etc.)
  • Make sure to tag all the items to be transported by the moving company
  • Do not forget anything in your old place

If you do not know which moving company to choose, contact Denis. He will be able to refer you to reliable professionals. Send him a message through his contact page or call him at 514 577 0787.